Medical Professionals

  • Successfully represented a medical doctor against various charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which threatened his ability to maintain his license and practice medicine. In a race against the clock, the defense embarked upon a path of intensely aggressive and proactive pretrial representation and succeeded in having all charges withdrawn only four months after his arrest. The doctor is now continuing his promising career of being able to practice medicine and help patients in need. 

  • Succeeded in helping a medical doctor take back his life and his career, both of which had been spiraling out of control and which had resulted in federal criminal charges involving online pharmacies
    • As reflected on the full review on entitled "NiaLena Is More Than Just An Attorney," the client shares that “she represented more than just facts about the law and ways to objectively improve my disposition in my case. She reflected abundant love and ardor for my case than expected. NiaLena was extremely responsible in making sure that all the information was dissected involving the case and my life. Furthermore, her meticulousness involved knowing almost every detail of my life so that she could provide the best representation possible for my case. She made it possible to always be in contact with me weekly to analyze different possibilities in handling my case. As she delved more into my case and life, she requested that I see a psychiatrist, [although] interestingly, I did not see myself as having a problem. As we investigated and managed this issue further, I found it to be of great value [and] discovered that this was a prodigious reason why I made many of the careless decisions in my life, including those decisions I made that got me involved with this case. I found myself discovering a new person that I never knew – one with a different outlook on life, and a sincere desire to be a better individual.”