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Prominent Female Legal Minds: Celebrating NiaLena Caravasos Among Top 50 Women Super Lawyers

NiaLena Caravasos stands as a distinguished figure in the legal community, consistently earning her place among the elite as a Super Lawyer—a title she has held for sixteen years. In addition to that, her remarkable accomplishments have once again secured her a spot among the Top 50 Women Super Lawyers for the ninth year. This […]


Empowering Reentry: Enhancing Safety Through Reintegration

Reintegration programs and judicially supported reentry courts play pivotal roles in assisting former inmates reintegrate into society after their incarceration. This crucial support system aims to diminish repeat offenses, enhance public safety, and result in financial savings for the community. Comprehensive Support for Reentry Success The cornerstone of reentry efforts is to alleviate or remove […]


Border Searches of Electronic Devices: Navigating Privacy Concerns

Introduction As the digital world becomes increasingly entwined with daily life, the topic of border searches of electronic devices is becoming more prominent. The practice, which many believe infringes on individual privacy, particularly affects professionals who handle confidential information. Among those at the forefront of this battle is NACDL, which advocates for the protection of […]


Revolutionizing Plea Agreement Strategies in Federal Defense

In the intricate landscape of federal criminal defense, the decision between heading to trial or negotiating a plea agreement remains a critical juncture for every defendant. This complex decision-making process was the focus of a groundbreaking study at George Mason University, which enlisted the expertise of NiaLena Caravasos, a prominent federal and white collar criminal […]


NiaLena Caravasos: Elevating Mock Trials with Expertise

In the realm of legal education and courtroom simulation, few events garner as much anticipation and respect as the national mock trial competitions hosted by prestigious law schools across the United States. Among these esteemed gatherings, one name stood out recently: NiaLena Caravasos, a distinguished Philadelphia federal criminal defense and white collar crime attorney renowned […]


Exploring Real-World Fraud Investigation with NiaLena Caravasos

Introduction: The Reality Behind TV’s Glamorized Fraud Investigations Federal criminal defense and white-collar crime lawyer, NiaLena Caravasos, was recently interviewed by forensic accountant and fellow Wharton School alumnus, David Anderson. Their discussion, titled “Why Aren’t You as Good as the Fraud Investigators on TV?”, delves into the disparities between television fiction and real-world fraud investigations. […]


Featured on the Cover and Cover Story of the “Super Lawyers” 20th Anniversary Edition

NiaLena Caravasos is incredibly honored to be featured on the Cover of the special 20th year anniversary edition of the Super Lawyers Magazine along with other very accomplished and esteemed colleagues, including Tom Kline and Bob Mongeluzzi and Anna Durbin and Bernard Smalley. In the Cover Story, NiaLena explained that “I do it my way, like Frank Sinatra, and I really don’t care […]


Legal Advisor on Securities White Collar Fraud to Wharton MBA Class

Nationally recognized Philadelphia federal criminal defense and white collar crime attorney NiaLena Caravasos is honored to have been invited once again back to her alma mater, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, to speak as a legal advisor to a class of Wharton students who have held executive positions in the financial industry and other areas of the business world for […]


Interviewed for Business Law Class at West Chester University

Federal and white collar criminal defense lawyer recognized internationally among “Inspirational People,” NiaLena Caravasos, is humbled at her selection as a role model for the Business Law Class at West Chester University. During her interview, NiaLena focused on the topics of mentorship (including her own mentors, i.e. Judge Lisa Richette who taught her how to embrace people fully in order to really be able to help them, F. […]


Recognized as Best of the Best … Named in “Top 100 Pennsylvania” and “Top 100 Philadelphia” and “Top 50” Women Super Lawyers

Federal and white collar criminal defense lawyer recognized internationally among “Inspirational People,” NiaLena Caravasos, is incredibly honored to be heralded as the Best of the Best and named once again for the 3rd year in both the “Top 100 Pennsylvania” Super Lawyers and the “Top 100” Philadelphia Super Lawyers among female and male colleagues in all practice areas throughout the state. Most of […]