NiaLena Caravasos Featured Internationally Among “Inspirational People”

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NiaLena Caravasos Featured Internationally Among “Inspirational People”

Philadelphia-based and nationally recognized federal criminal defense and white collar crime attorney NiaLena Caravasos was recently selected in 2021 by an international non-profit organization featuring “Inspirational People” globally, including business leaders, professors, Nobel prize winners, Olympic gold medalists, and other such accomplished individuals. NiaLena is honored and humbled not only at her selection but also by the fact that she is one of only two lawyers in the United States to be interviewed and featured among other such individuals who are regarded not only as most successful in their respective fields but also as inspirational due to the manner in which they practice in their respective fields and serve as role models to younger individuals. During the recent interview conducted remotely from Sweden, NiaLena shared her thoughts on numerous topics, including what to look for when selecting an federal criminal defense attorney, her style and what sets her apart from other lawyers, the differences between the practice of law in the U.S. versus Europe, the evolution of white collar crime, the differences between white collar crime and violence and drug crimes, the evolution of lawyers in the United States, the nature of the jury system, her passion in the courtroom, making a true difference in the lives of her clients, and many other issues.


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