NiaLena Caravasos Quoted on Competitive Advantage Through Client Experience

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NiaLena Caravasos Quoted on Competitive Advantage Through Client Experience

NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Quoted in the Thomson Reuters White Paper Entitled “FROM ONE-STAR SERVICE TO FIVE-STAR OPPORTUNITY: How Law Firms Can Create a Competitive Advantage Through Client Experience”

Although the issue of client satisfaction is not a new concept, Thomson Reuters is on the cutting edge of its timely analysis of what this means in our online world where the need for speed is key and many consumers are tech savvy. The bottom line is that showing value to a client can be achieved or lost through responsiveness and the ability to provide the quickest avenue to a solution.

NiaLena Caravasos, a federal criminal defense and white collar crime lawyer who argues on behalf of defendants in federal court in Philadelphia, was interviewed by Thomson Reuters regarding client relationships in today’s climate and shared that to her, it means surprising clients when it comes to responsiveness. NiaLena explained, “Sometimes when I respond right away, I don’t hear back, and I’ll have my paralegal call them to make sure that they saw my email, and they’ll tell her, ‘Oh, my gosh. I didn’t even check my emails. I never thought she would respond to me so quickly.’”

Regarding the issue of technological efficiency, NiaLena further shared her perspective that “part of technology is to be able to have the tools to make things easier for you” because “if you don’t take advantage of what technology offers for you, then things are going to slip through the cracks.”

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