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Consulted in Forensic Psychological Research Study

Federal and white collar criminal defense lawyer, NiaLena Caravasos, was recently consulted by the University of Alabama in a forensic psychological research study aimed at understanding how federal criminal defense attorneys evaluate evidence when determining a defendant’s competency to stand trial. NiaLena reviewed multiple mock case files and provided opinions on various defendants’ competency to […]


NiaLena Caravasos Featured Internationally Among “Inspirational People”

Philadelphia-based and nationally recognized federal criminal defense and white collar crime attorney NiaLena Caravasos was recently selected in 2021 by an international non-profit organization featuring “Inspirational People” globally, including business leaders, professors, Nobel prize winners, Olympic gold medalists, and other such accomplished individuals. NiaLena is honored and humbled not only at her selection but also […]


Humbled to be Honored as Best of the Best … Named in “Top 100” and “Top 100 Philadelphia” and “Top 50” Women Super Lawyers

Federal criminal defense lawyer, NiaLena Caravasos, is thrilled and extremely honored to be heralded as the best of the best and named in the “Top 100” Super Lawyers for the entire state as well as the “Top 100” Philadelphia Super Lawyers and will be so featured in the combined June/July 2020 edition of the Philadelphia Magazine. Most of all, NiaLena is humbled to […]


NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Quoted in the Thomson Reuters Article Entitled “Solve your firm’s pricing and payment collection problems”

Putting its own spin on value, Thomson Reuters reevaluates the well-known concept that “you get what you pay for” and the fact that consumers want to feel good about where they’re spending their hard-earned money. Although most law firms traditionally subscribe to the concept of hourly billing, NiaLena Caravasos, a federal criminal defense and white collar crime […]


NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Quoted in Philadelphia Inquirer Article Entitled “Plea deal no bargain for cop killers”

Philadelphia Inquirer writer Stu Bykofsky wrote about the two accused cop killers, Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams, who pled guilty to the murder of Philadelphia Police Sgt. Robert Wilson III and surrendered their right to appeal. Under the plea agreement, they will receive a life sentence plus 50 to 100 years in prison. However, the […]


NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Quoted in Article Entitled “Bitcoin: The New Way to Receive Payment, Or Trouble in The Making?”

Federal criminal defense and white collar crime lawyer, NiaLena Caravasos, was recently interviewed by forensic accountant and fellow graduate of The Wharton School, David Anderson, for his article entitled “Bitcoin: The New Way to Receive Payment, Or Trouble in The Making?” As technology evolves, questions continued to arise about the appropriateness of keeping in step […]