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NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Featured in a Marketing Case Study by Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers writer Chris Harrell described how NiaLena Caravasos, the only criminal defense lawyer to be featured on the Super Lawyers cover in Philadelphia Magazine, has developed a “boutique firm” and “a practice known for compassion and success” and that “her hands-on criminal defense process means she requires a higher quality of client and a […]


NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Quoted in Article Entitled “Bitcoin: The New Way to Receive Payment, Or Trouble in The Making?”

Federal criminal defense and white collar crime lawyer, NiaLena Caravasos, was recently interviewed by forensic accountant and fellow graduate of The Wharton School, David Anderson, for his article entitled “Bitcoin: The New Way to Receive Payment, Or Trouble in The Making?” As technology evolves, questions continued to arise about the appropriateness of keeping in step […]