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Legal Advisor on Securities White Collar Fraud to Wharton MBA Class

Nationally recognized Philadelphia federal criminal defense and white collar crime attorney NiaLena Caravasos is honored to have been invited once again back to her alma mater, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, to speak as a legal advisor to a class of Wharton students who have held executive positions in the financial industry and other areas of the business world for […]


Interviewed for Business Law Class at West Chester University

Federal and white collar criminal defense lawyer recognized internationally among “Inspirational People,” NiaLena Caravasos, is humbled at her selection as a role model for the Business Law Class at West Chester University. During her interview, NiaLena focused on the topics of mentorship (including her own mentors, i.e. Judge Lisa Richette who taught her how to embrace people fully in order to really be able to help them, F. […]


Recognized as Best of the Best … Named in “Top 100 Pennsylvania” and “Top 100 Philadelphia” and “Top 50” Women Super Lawyers

Federal and white collar criminal defense lawyer recognized internationally among “Inspirational People,” NiaLena Caravasos, is incredibly honored to be heralded as the Best of the Best and named once again for the 3rd year in both the “Top 100 Pennsylvania” Super Lawyers and the “Top 100” Philadelphia Super Lawyers among female and male colleagues in all practice areas throughout the state. Most of […]


Consulted in Forensic Psychological Research Study

Federal and white collar criminal defense lawyer, NiaLena Caravasos, was recently consulted by the University of Alabama in a forensic psychological research study aimed at understanding how federal criminal defense attorneys evaluate evidence when determining a defendant’s competency to stand trial. NiaLena reviewed multiple mock case files and provided opinions on various defendants’ competency to […]


Confinement: It’s All About Perspective

Federal sentencings may never be the same again. The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has forever changed our world in ways that we already know and in ways that we cannot even yet begin to contemplate. As most of us are under stay-at-home orders, we feel increasingly confined and separated from our normal routines and the people […]


NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Quoted in the Thomson Reuters Article Entitled “Solve your firm’s pricing and payment collection problems”

Putting its own spin on value, Thomson Reuters reevaluates the well-known concept that “you get what you pay for” and the fact that consumers want to feel good about where they’re spending their hard-earned money. Although most law firms traditionally subscribe to the concept of hourly billing, NiaLena Caravasos, a federal criminal defense and white collar crime […]


NiaLena Caravasos Interviewed and Quoted in The Guardian Article Entitled “US prison sentences could vary by up to 63% depending on judge – study”

The Guardian is on the cutting edge of the hot topic recently addressed in a study by the U.S. Sentencing Commission which found that the length of a defendant’s sentence could swing widely nationwide and even within the same city depending upon the judge hearing the case in federal court. Philadelphia was the city with the largest discrepancy, […]


“Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers” 7-Year Honoree

Philadelphia federal criminal defense and white collar crime attorney, NiaLena Caravasos, is extremely honored not only to have been selected once again among the “Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers” by the American Society of Legal Advocates, but also to have been recognized in this manner as one of the Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers in […]


“The Internet v. The Criminal Courts”

Court-imposed internet restrictions and their application to criminal defendants used to be a non-issue. In the past few months, though, the U.S. Supreme Court in Packingham v. North Carolina unanimously invalidated a state law banning registered sex offenders from accessing websites that could facilitate direct communications with minors. Although the majority opinion and concurrence appears […]


Might There Finally Be A Light Toward The Exit For Elderly And Infirm Federal Prisoners?

As the population ages, more and more of our elderly and infirm who have been convicted of federal crimes are finding themselves behind bars. While there does exist a vehicle by which to secure the early “compassionate release” of elderly and terminally ill offenders, defendants’ requests for sentence reduction under this provision has traditionally fallen […]